Why Karl W. Glover CPA

Completed three years’ worth of amended tax returns for one of my clients. In the original returns prepared by another tax return preparer, my client only received a couple hundred dollars in total refunds. When I prepared the amended returns, the taxpayer ended up receiving over $7,000 in refunds – definitely a success!

kglover1This is just one of many stories where having qualified tax preparer benefits you. Whether you need a tax return prepared for a Corporation, Limited Liability Company, Farm, Proprietorship, Rental Property or have a Professional Practice, knowledge is power. Karl W. Glover, CPA is the person you have been looking for to prepare your tax returns. Don’t let the IRS take more than what is due. The IRS is not going to help you figure out which deductions and/or credits you are entitled to, but that is exactly what Karl will do for you.

accomplishmentsNot only has Karl been a CPA since 1982 and has over 2,000 hours of IRS tax training, he was a former IRS Agent and Appeals Officer, Corporate Accounting Manager and Financial Analyst, and owned and managed a marine dealership. His background speaks for itself. It’s this extensive tax experience that has helped his clients year after year. Contact Karl today and see how he can help you!

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